Protecting your privacy

That's why we've taken steps to protect your privacy.

Your personal information and that of your child/ren (‘Your personal information’) is protected by law, including by the Privacy Act 1988 (‘Privacy Act’).


Your personal information, including sensitive information, is collected by The Family Day Care Association of Queensland trading as In Home Care Support Agency for Queensland (‘the Agency’) from the following organisations:

  • directly from you, including though the Family Management Plan,
  • the organisation/s that provide child care services to your child/ren,
  • other In Home Care Support Agencies,
  • organisations that may hold information relevant to your eligibility for, and access to, the In Home Care Program (‘IHC Program’), such as your employer, medical or health professionals, and your child’s or children’s education provider, and
  • the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (‘the Department’).

By signing this Privacy Notice, you are also providing authorisation for the Agency to collect your personal information, including sensitive information, from the organisations listed above.

Purpose for collection, use and disclosure

Your personal information may be collected, used or disclosed for any one or more of the following purposes:

  • administering, delivering, managing, monitoring, or evaluating the IHC Program,
  • policy or program development in relation to the IHC Program,
  • linking with other In Home Care Support Agencies to facilitate or improve your access to the IHC Program or support provided under that program, and
  • linking you or your family with other support services.


Your personal information is usually disclosed to:

  • the organisation/s providing child care services to your child/ren,
  • other In Home Care Support Agencies,
  • other support or child welfare services, and
  • the Department.

Your personal information may also be used by the Agency or disclosed to other parties, where it is required or authorised by law. However, your personal information will not be disclosed overseas.

The consequences for not providing some or all of the required personal information, and not agreeing to this Privacy Notice, are that the Agency cannot assess or manage your access to the IHC Program, which may also limit your capacity to be eligible for In Home Care after 2 July 2018.

You can get more information about the way in which the Agency manages personal information, including information on accessing or correcting your or your child’s/ren’s personal information, and how to make a complaint by contacting the Agency at or by calling 1800 993 737.

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